In this section of the website, friends of ANTHANASSA can read about future jobs and vacancies for landscaping career in garden services regarding garden construction, garden architecture, garden irrigation and garden maintenance in Greece (Hellas). These vacancies wil be the result of ANTHANASSA's future expansion in Greece.


Landscaping Special Operations Command (LSOC)

Geotechnical, Landscaping and Designing Sector (GLD)

Manual Labour Section (ML)

Laboratory Analysis and Microscopes Section (LAM)

Education and Training Section (ET)

Secretarial Support and Bureaucratic Cases Section (SSBC)

Information Systems and Telematics Office (IST)

Products for Landscaping Services Sector (PLS)

independent – Legal Affairs Office (i – LA)

independent – Economic Affairs Office (i – EA)

independent – Notarial Affairs Office (i – NA)

Jobs and Vacancies, Landscaping Career

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