In this section of the website can be found garden tables with some garden plants and their cultivation credibility because of wind and cultivation stress for landscaping, garden creation, architecture and maintenance in Greece (Hellas).

Table ANTHANASSA: Cultivation credibility for some garden plants regarding wind stress

Agave high
Bougainvillea little
Brachychiton moderate
Casuarina moderate
Cedar moderate
Cercis moderate
Citrus aurantium little
Crataegus high
Cupressus (not Gold Crest, ab. Leylandii) moderate
Elaeagnus little
Escallonia moderate
Eucalyptus high
Ficus carica little
Gleditschia moderate
Gynerium little
Juniperus dwarf moderate
Lantana moderate
Laurus nobilis moderate
Lavandula moderate
Medicago arborea moderate
Morus little
Myoporum moderate
Myrtus moderate
Nerium moderate
Olea moderate
Phoenix moderate
Phormium moderate
Phyllostachys little
Pinus little
Pirus amygdaliphormis high
Pistacia lentiscus high
Pittosporum moderate
Platycladus high
Polygonum moderate
Populus high
Punica little
Pyracanthus moderate
Quercus moderate
Rhynchospermum moderate
Rosmarinus moderate
Salix high
Salvia little
Schinus molle moderate
Spartium high
Tamarix high
Thuja high
Tilia little
Viburnum moderate
Vitex high
Yucca moderate

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Garden Tables, Wind and Plants

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