In this section of the website can be found garden tables with some garden plants, their cultivation requirements and various environmental conditions such as local natural environment, humidity, moisture, pH, soil or temperature.

Table ANTHANASSA: Cultivation requirements and various environmental conditions for some garden plants

Cucumber neutral increased increased high 25-30 spring fruit
Azalea very acidic increased increased moderate 14-20 spring flowers
Anemone neutral increased increased moderate 20-29 spring flowers
Anthurium acidic moderate increased high 23-25 spring flowers
Aralia acidic moderate normal high 15-20 autumn foliage
Begonia acidic moderate normal moderate 20-25 spring flowers
Violet afr. acidic moderate increased moderate 17-20 spring flowers
Bromeliads acidic attention! increased moderate 20-28 summer flowers
gardenia jasm. very acidic moderate high moderate 21-23 spring flowers
Dianthus neutral moderate normal high 18-21 spring flowers
Geranium acidic moderate normal high 19-21 spring flowers
Gladiolus neutral moderate normal high 16-20 spring flowers
Gloxinia acidic moderate increased moderate 20-25 spring flowers
Dieffenbachia acidic increased increased moderate 24-28 spring foliage
Dracaena acidic moderate increased moderate 18-20 summer foliage
Euphorbia neutral moderate normal moderate 20-25 autumn flowers
Gerbera acidic moderate normal high 20-24 summer flowers
Iris neutral moderate increased moderate 15-20 spring flowers
Kalanchoe acidic moderate normal moderate 20-25 spring flowers
Caladium acidic increased increased high 20-25 summer foliage
Calla neutral increased increased moderate 18-21 spring flowers
Calceolaria acidic moderate normal moderate 15-25 spring flowers
Camellia very acidic moderate increased moderate 20-24 spring flowers
Clivia acidic moderate increased moderate 15-20 spring flowers
Squash neutral increased increased high 24-30 spring fruit
Croton acidic increased increased enough 23-25 summer foliage
Cyclamen acidic increased increased moderate 16-21 spring flowers
Lilium acidic moderate normal moderate 20-25 summer flowers
Maranta acidic moderate increased moderate 24-28 summer foliage
Lettuce neutral increased increased moderate 15-20 annual foliage
Melongene acidic normal increased high 22-26 spring fruit
Narcissus acidic moderate normal moderate 15-20 spring flowers
Ranunculus acidic moderate increased moderate 16-20 spring flowers
Hydrangea acidic increased increased moderate 20-25 summer flowers
Green Pepper acidic increased increased moderate 22-28 spring fruit
Sansevieria tr. acidic low normal moderate 22-26 summer foliage
Snapdragon neutral moderate increased high 20-24 spring flowers
Strelitzia reg. acidic normal increased normal 21-25 spring flowers
Tomato neutral moderate normal moderate 20-28 spring fruit
Tulip neutral moderate increased moderate 17-23 spring flowers
Rose neutral moderate increased high 20-25 spring flowers
Bean neutral moderate increased moderate 21-28 spring fruit
Ficus benj. acidic moderate increased moderate 24-26 summer foliage
Philodedron acidic increased increased moderate 25-30 spring foliage
Stawberry acidic moderate increased moderate 18-21 spring fruit
Freesia neutral moderate normal moderate 18-24 spring flowers
Chrysanthemum neutral moderate increased moderate 20-25 spring flowers

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Garden Tables for Cultivation Requirements

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