ANTHANASSA is a Greek firm in the field of private landscaping services. These services for private Greek gardens_Garden design for landscaping._Garden construction and garden maintenance. include the necessary support regarding garden construction or garden maintenance and garden irrigation systems. We are notorious and proud of our fundamental principles that validate and seal our concept of creation involving all the aspects of garden architecture. These principles are Confidentiality, Loyalty to Quality and Continuous Support. In addition, we specialize in the artistic and sophisticated creation of landscaped private gardens, guided by the theoretical and applied knowledge in the area of landscaping, garden construction and irrigation systems. Furthermore, we offer garden maintenance services for private gardens that demand special attention or care for their Greek plants, lawn or turf, particularly in the region of Athens, Attica, Greece (Hellas).

ANTHANASSA is addressing people who have a strong passion about garden architecture and wish to acquire an original garden as an extension of their domestic or professional environment, expecting their garden to be viable, functional, beautiful and worthy of their efforts both in time and money. Our goal is not just to offer simple gardening services or develop irrigation systems, but the uniqueness and long viability of our creations, in combination with the rational management of the gardens. Every garden design and blueprint is created in order the green spaces to offer joy, serve and protect their owners.

We are sealing our unprecedented work with the unique experience of a pioneer and that is the reason why are so famous, especially in Athens, all these Greek articles ANTHANASSA regarding private Greek gardens.

Garden Architecture, Construction, Maintenance

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